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Birth Records in Flagler County, Florida

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A birth record contains information on the birth of a person. Birth records fundamentally contain all the possible data related to the birth of a child. Birth records include the child’s name, date of birth, mother’s full maiden name and father’s full name, and country where the childbirth took place.

Some birth papers may contain data on the birthplaces, addresses, parents’ occupation, number of offspring the parents have, and parents’ race. 

Critical records are papers related to birth, demise, marriage, marital dissolutions, and other milestones in an individual’s life that the government records in the county. Birth records are part of Flagler County’s vital records. The most common forms and most requested essential records for Flagler County are:

  • Childbirth and death records.
  • Records of civil unions and domestic partnerships.
  • Records of dissolution of civil unions.

People request these documents often for a range of legal purposes. Designated government agencies are responsible for keeping critical individual documents at State or County level. The National Archives may maintain specific data related to local vital records. 

Though birth records fall under the classification of the publicly available information in Flagler County, Florida, birth records become public data precisely 100 years after the birth occurred. Records of birth less than 100 years are considered confidential by the state and are restricted. Certificates can be issued only to legal adults( individuals aged 18 and above) listed in the document. Parents, guardians, or authorized legal representatives can get birth papers by court authorization. If the registrant is deceased, the authorities can issue birth certificates to the marriage partner, parents, child, grandchild, or sibling (if legal age). The state can also give certificates to a legal representative of any close family relative mentioned above on the presentation and receipt of the decedent’s death certificate.  

How to Obtain Birth Records in Flagler, Florida

In Flagler County, the Vital Statistics Office maintains birth records. Thus to obtain any copy or copies of a birth certificate, go or write to the Vital Statistics Office in the area where the event happened. You can download a birth record application form from the Florida Health Flagler County website. However, it is essential to note and follow these steps to ensure you receive accurate records for your request:

1. Your application letter must be brief and straight to the point

2. Include all necessary names and addresses in your letter

3. Provide complete information on a person or event you are requesting the document.

4. Include all names you may have used on the record, including nicknames, alternative spellings, middle names, etc. 

5. Provide sufficient and accurate information on dates and types of events. If you are unsure of the exact dates, specify the period, or at least of years. Note that searching for records that span several years attracts charges. 

6. For effective results, do not include more than one or two requests at once and avoid confusing genealogy details.

7. An S.A.S.E. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) is vital to obtaining your requested records.

8. When applying for a birth record, it is essential to have the following data and include it in the application:

· Full name of person (last name in caps)

· Date of request

· Place of birth (city, town, county, or state, including the name of the hospital if known)

· Date of birth

· Sex of the person

· Relationship to the party

· Mother’s maiden name

· Father’s name

· Requestor’s name and address

· The purpose of record request

· The requestor’s valid I.D. card such as driver’s license, State ID Card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Military ID, and passport.

· The requestor’s signature

Interested individuals can facilitate an application in person or via mail to:

Florida Department of Health in Flagler County Vital Statistics

Office of Vital Statistics

200 Dr. Carter Blvd.

Bunnell, FL 32110

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 847

Bunnell, FL 32110

Fax: 386-586-2165 

Phone: 386-586-2164, ext. 7133


General Business Hours: 8 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday

Payment Information

Birth papers are there to obtain for all Florida births. Certificates cost $15 for the first and $7 for each extra copy you request simultaneously. The department accepts cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards.


As much as birth records are public, there are restrictions to accessing and obtaining notarized duplicates of birth papers. The authorities only issue certificates to the registrant (the person listed on the record) if the individual is of the legal age of 18. Parents, guardians, or legal representatives of one of the above-listed persons can access birth papers through judicial authorization. 

Suppose the registrant is deceased; the family can request a birth certificate upon receiving the decedent’s death certificate. In such a case, a birth certificate can be issued to the spouse, parent, child, grandchild, sibling, if of legal age, or a legal representative of any of these persons. However, suppose the applicant is neither of the persons mentioned above; in that case, the application must come with an affidavit to release a birth certificate signed by one of the authorized persons and notarized. 

The difference between certified birth record copies and informational copies

The significant difference between both is that while you cannot officially use informational copies, certified records are considered legal documents. Certified copies are issued to authorized persons, while informational copies go to the general public for research, genealogical, and information purposes. Informational copies can be accessed or viewed online on the government’s official or authorized third-party websites. However, the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics recommends VitalCheck. You can order certified birth records online, providing the necessary information for access through VitalChek. VitalChek is the only contracted vendor for the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. Interested persons can download and complete the state’s birth record application form and order birth certificate copies from the state Bureau. 

In conclusion

Any interested person who wishes to obtain a birth record in Flagler County can get it following the laid-out procedures. You can get birth records on behalf of a close family member with proper authorization either by court order or a signed authorization from the person named in the document.