Florida DMV records
DMV Records

What Information Can You Find in Florida DMV Records?

Florida DMV records

Florida DMV records can be a very rich source of public records for you. However, you won’t be able to access everything that’s in them. This is because of the “Driver’s Privacy Protection Act,” which is in effect in every state.

The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) is a federal law that regulates what information the DMV can share with the public. It also regulates how a recipient of DMV records can share information with another person.

Basically, it restricts your access to the Florida DMV records, as well as DMV records in every other state.

What information will be kept from you if you request these records?

In a nutshell–Photographs, Social Security Number, driver’s license number, name, address, telephone number, medical information, and disability information.

What types of information will you receive when you request DMV records? The information you’ll get varies from state to state, but you can usually expect:

· the name, the date of birth, and the mailing address of the driver

· the driver license class, endorsements, and restrictions

· the current status and the expiration date of the driver license

· any suspensions or revocations of the driver license; accidents, and

moving violation convictions

. The 5-digit zip code for the driver’s address, criminal convictions,

traffic accidents, traffic violations, and any driving restrictions.

Further, the DMV will only release the above information to people who have a “permissible use.” What is defined as “permissible use”?

1. Government/Law enforcement work.

2. In cases of motor vehicle safety, accidents, and theft.

3. By a legitimate business or its agent to prevent fraud.

4. For use by the courts system for civil, criminal, and other processes.

5. For use in research where identities are not revealed.

6. Insurance purposes (by insurers).

7. For impounded vehicles.

8. By licensed private investigative agency or licensed security service.

9. And other state governmental matters.

10. Use by any requester who has obtained the

written consent of the motorist.

If you request Florida DMV records, you’ll need to provide a reason, as well as proof that you have permissible use of the record in question. It’s not impossible to obtain DMV records, by any means. However, in the interest of privacy and the protection of identities in an age of rampant identity theft, these records are more restricted than other types of public records, so be aware of that before making a request.