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Another Reason to Do a Marriage Records Search

Here’s another reason to do a marriage records search.  Everyone has secrets, and even the most steadfast married couple can be hiding something from their past from their spouse.  This secret may have no effect on the relationship whatsoever, as it could be a personal matter or so insignificant the person never thought of bringing it up.  However, in other cases the secret may be very damaging.  For instance, one spouse could be hiding that they once had a criminal record, or that they were married before.

If you are married and have reason to believe that your wife is keeping a secret, and you suspect that it might be that she has been married before, or still may be legally wed to someone else, you can find this out for sure by investigating public records.  You might be thinking this will be difficult to accomplish without the help of a private investigator, especially since it is very likely that she was married in another part of the country, and you wouldn’t really know where to start looking, and don’t want to raise her suspicions by asking questions or taking part in a long winded investigation.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that there may be a way for you to check into your wife’s past quickly and easily without hiring a P.I. or even leaving your own home.  This is because public records are available online, and not just on state government sites either.  There are websites that have developed their own vital records databases, which are organized and conveniently displayed and are excellent for performing a marriage records search.  Therefore, you only need to take your questions to one source and you have the chance to find out everything you need to know without the hassle of many searches and hours of wasted time.

Marriage Records

In order to find out if your wife was ever married before you will need to type in her first name and her maiden name.  Her full name will be the only information that will actually be required, but you can also try filling in the city and state if you have an idea of where her previous marriage took place, if it did at all. Before you will be allowed into the directory, however, you will be required to pay a small sum to gain access.

Should you not find any record of a license when do your marriage records search, you can also try searching divorce records to see if any legal separation was filed under her name.  Thus, regardless of what you discover, due to the fact an online search is so easy, fast and discreet you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to let your wife know about your investigation.