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Reasons You Might Need to Do a Florida Public Records Search

public records search

There are lots of reasons why someone might need to do a Florida public records search. In fact, the possible reasons are so vast that thousands of these searches are performed every day. It’s not just detectives, lawyers, and law enforcement personnel that need public records, either. Every day people just like you frequently find themselves in need of information they can only get from a public records repository.

If you need to do a Florida public records search, chances are it’s for one of these top reasons:

1. You need to get a copy of your birth certificate or your child’s to prove age, get a passport, or register for school.

2. You need to do a background investigation on someone you’re dating or thinking of hiring, and want to find out if they’ve been arrested before, or have had any adverse actions against them in a Florida court.

3. You need a copy of your parents’ marriage license for family history research.

4. You’re buying a house and want to be sure it has a clear title, or you want to see its value.

5. You want to see what’s on your driver’s license record.

6. You want to find out the owner of a car based on its license plate number.

7. You want a copy of a death certificate, will, or probate record to prove your claim to an inheritance.

8. You want to find out if the house you’re thinking of renting is going into foreclosure.

9. You’re an adoptee looking for information on your birth parents.

10. You want to find out if you have any outstanding judgements against you.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why you might want to do a Florida public records search. These are just the most common. Everyone has their own unique, individual reasons for needing public records. However, when you do need a public record, for whatever reason, you want it quickly and at little cost to you.

Driving to various locations to pick up these records takes time, and you’ll pay for any copies you receive. The amount of copies varies per court house; some of them are pretty cheap, while others charge a dollar or more per page. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by subscribing to an online records service.