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Need Orange County, Florida Public Records? Find Them Here!

Orange County, Florida public records are among the most requested in the state. This is because Orange County is one of the most populous counties in Florida. With nearly 2 million people, this central Florida county is the home of Orlando, the vacation capital of the world. While Walt Disney World–the main attraction of central Florida–is technically just over the border in neighboring Osceola County, it’s Orange County that attracts millions of visitors each year, from all over the world. There’s an ample opportunity for a LOT of public records to be generated here!

The indexes to most Orange County, Florida public records are available online at the clerk of the court website. At this website, you’ll be able to conduct a name search that will show you any record anyone by that name has generated in the county. Click on the button labeled “Details” next to any case, and you’ll see an outline of the case in question. The outline will include the person’s name, possibly the date of birth, a calendar for upcoming events in the case, as well as a listing of pertinent events in the case from its beginning to the present.

You can find out a lot from the case outlines available online. The only drawback is that you can’t see the finer details of the case, like police reports, divorce settlements, and the like. To see these, you must go in person to the Orange County court house and either have a clerk pull the case file for you or view it on a dedicated in-house computer at the court.

Fortunately, anyone can request to see any public record in Orange County, so you don’t have to be the person named in the case or a relative to look at it. This is good news for genealogists, detectives, private investigators, insurance investigators, and law enforcement personnel who need access to this information.

Among the Orange County, Florida public records, you’ll find such things as:

Orange County


Divorce records

Marriage licenses

Birth and death records

Land transactions

Criminal records

Arrest records

Civil suits

If you don’t live in proximity to Orange County, Florida, public records from there are still available to you.