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Public Records

Public Records in Dixie County, Florida

Generally, public records are documents produced or kept by the State’s authority. The production and maintenance of these documents are at the complete or limited expense of the State. Different state agencies keep or maintain these records for general delivery or access irrespective of format, source, or medium.

Each person in Dixie County has a piece of public information on them. People can access or open all local and State government vital records. Any individual can request information in person or via mail from the state agency holding the document. Dixie County maintains that public records access applications should come in writing. Note that photo identification is required to obtain public documents. Driver’s licenses and any form of state-issued identification are sufficient. 

Accessing Court Records in Dixie County

The Clerk of Court in Dixie County is the custodian office for court records. Dixie county courthouse supervises all civil, family, and criminal cases in Dixie County. Requesting parties can receive court records in the county by email or mail. However, you should note that in Dixie, the local agencies can only send official documents through mail.

 When searching for Court Records, it helps to understand how the Florida Court System works. For instance, the county courts have restricted jurisdiction over specific civil and criminal cases categories. Circuit courts have jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases. Criminal cases heard by County Courts are mostly misdemeanors and municipal and county ordinances violations. You can aid your search online by visiting the Dixie County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller website. Alternatively, you can see the Clerk of Court’s office in person. Contact Information:

dixie county courthouse

Barbie Higginbotham 

Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller

Custodian of Public Records 

Dixie County, Florida

P.O Box 1206

214 Northeast Highway 351

Cross City, Florida 32628

Phone: 352-498-1200

Fax: 352-498-1201

Vital Records

Vital records are documents of life’s milestones like birth, death, marriage, and divorce. The State maintains these records keeping them available to the public for distribution and access. The Florida Department of Health in Dixie County maintains the county’s vital records. Interested persons can place orders for vital records in person, by mail, or online. It is important to note that fees are attached to obtaining copies of vital records. Each record office may offer different processing fees and timelines for delivery. Getting a certified copy of a birth document costs $9.00. Copies of death, marriage, and divorce cost $5.00 each for the first year searched; additional documents, if requested at the same time, cost $4.00 each. If the year is unknown to the seeking individual, it costs $2.00 for each additional year.

However, depending on the vital records office, an individual may receive documents directly or through mail to the address provided by the requester during the appointment. Usually, a copy of valid identification is required, and other documents like a utility bill or bank statement to verify your address. These precautions are essential parts of the application form, considering the nature of the information requested.

You can ask for copies of vital records from the State’s health department in person or via mail at:

Department of Health

Bureau of Vital Statistics 

P.O. Box 210

1217 Pearl Street

Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Call: (352) 498-1360

Alternatively, you can check online for records using a portal provided by the State to access vital records.

Criminal Records in Dixie County

In Dixie, criminal records are documents that contain a person’s criminal history. These illegal activities recorded, including murder, rape, arson, burglary, motor vehicle theft, assaults, violent and sexual crimes, are criminal records. Every court and police station in the county maintains a record of illegal activities. Often, individuals run background checks to know a person’s criminal history for several reasons. It could be employers who want to know about intended employees or a landlord who wants to know the criminal history of a potential tenant. Many of these criminal records are put together in what is generally known as a RAP sheet. This RAP sheet contains an individual’s arrests, warrants, criminal charges filed, convictions, and sentences for criminal offenses. The Dixie Police Department, Dixie County Sheriff’s Department, or the County Criminal Courts keeps these records. As well as conducting background checks over the internet, You can also obtain a copy of public records online by visiting the Dixie County Sheriff’s website. You may also request in person at the Sheriff’s office located in the Dixie County Courthouse or send a request via mail to:

Dixie County Sheriff’s Office

P.O. Box 470

214 NE 351 Highway, Suite L

Cross City, Florida 32628

The Sex Offender Registry in Dixie County

The Dixie County maintains a Sex Offender Registry that contains information on people convicted of sex crimes in the county. The Florida State Police and other government entities manage and update this database. The agency makes the information in the registry available to the public to protect the public. Sex offenders who live within Dixie or have relocated to the county have a mandate by law to report in person to the Sheriff’s office within 48 hours of establishing a residence in Florida. Sex offenders must also present themselves to the local police within 48 hours of release from custody by a law enforcement agency. This mandatory registration keeps the registry updated as to the current location of sex offenders so the public can be alert. In Dixie County, you can obtain information on sex offenders at the Sherriff’s Office located in the Dixie County Courthouse. You can also search for Sex offender/Predator Information over the internet through a portal provided by the County’s Sherriff’s office.

Property Records

Dixie County Property Records are real estate official papers containing data connected to Dixie County’s real property. Information on homes, land, and commercial properties, including mortgages, titles, and property deeds, is provided by various government offices in Dixie County and at the federal level. The Clerk of Court is accountable for recording and maintaining most real property records in Dixie County. People search out property records for various reasons; whether it is an intending individual buyer for a property in Dixie County or getting legit information on properties for sellers in the real estate industry, the records are vital. Aside from visiting the Office of the Clerk of Courts, you can search using the Dixie County Property Appraiser website. 

The portal allows interested persons to search properties by owner’s name, property location, and parcel number. The Dixie Property Appraiser is primarily responsible for locating, identifying, and valuing all property within the county. The Property Appraiser maintains property record cards, ownership maps, subdivision plats, prior tax rolls, and sales records, including all relevant dates. The Property Appraiser also administers exemptions, mapping all parcels and classifying agricultural land. You can also visit the Dixie County Property Appraiser’s office in person at:

Office of the Dixie County Property Appraiser 

214 NE

351 HWY, Suite G Cross City, FL 32628

Mailing: P.O. Box 260 Cross City, FL 32628-0260

Office Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm 

In a Nutshell

Public records in Dixie County have been organized in such a way to enable easy access. Requesters can obtain the documents they need at the designated agencies. Some of these papers are obtainable by requesting in person. Other public records in Dixie County are available over the internet, availing the general public access to information from the comfort of their homes or offices.