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Public Records

Public Records in Manatee County, Florida

Public records in Manatee County are not restricted and are available to everyone who cares to request. Records are publicly available except for documents concealed by law. Papers such as adoption records, records of child abuse or sexual battery victims, and no juvenile records have restricted access. The Public Records Act provides individuals with the right to access, inspect and copy existing records. The Public Records Division in the County oversees the management of all paper and electronic records created by the County. However, different entities are responsible for providing various documents upon request. In Manatee, you can submit a public record request online, make a written request via mail to the record-holding agency or visit the office.

Court Records

The County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller maintains the County’s court records in Manatee. The Clerk provides online services to access court records in the County through its Public Records Hub for some fees. Interestingly, any person has a right to request that a Clerk of Court remove an image or copy of a public record from a publicly accessible website. The agency will grant this request if that image or document is a military or death record. Also, people can ask to remove from the public domain papers covered under Florida Rules of Family Law, juvenile procedure, or the Florida Probate Rules. Such request should come in writing and be delivered by mail, electronic transmission, or in-person to the Clerk of Court, and there will be no charge for such request. However, anyone can search for court records using the type of case, case number, name, and citation number as parameters for search. Individuals can make public requests for court records via the mail or in-person to the office of the Clerk at:

manatee county courthouse

Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller

Attn: Custodian of Public Records 

1115 Manatee Avenue West

Bradenton, Florida 34205

Tel: 941-749-1800

Physical/Overnight Mail Address:

1115 Manatee Avenue West

Bradenton, FL 43205

Regular Mailing Address 

P.O. Box 25400

Bradenton, FL 43296

Business Hours: Mondays –Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm


Manatee County Vital Records

The State keeps birth, death, marriage, and divorce records within the County. These data of events make up vital records. Vital records are public records in the County and are viewable by anyone. However, birth certificates less than 100 years are confidential. A requester must provide a copy of a valid, state-issued I.D. card (state picture I.D., State driver’s license, valid password, military I.D., Green Card, and National Electoral Card) and validate their relationship to the person named on the birth record. Birth certificates can only be obtained by:

1. The person listed on the record (if at least 18 years of age)

2. A parent of the registrant; if named on the certificate

3. A legal representative of one of the above persons must provide legal representative papers for proper identification.

The local Bureau of Vital Statistics manages vital records in the County. All requests for vital records can be made online through the Bureau of Vital Statistics website, visit the physical office, or submit a request via mail at:

Department of Health 

Bureau of Vital Statistics 

P.O. Box 210

1217 Pearl Street

Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Phone: (904) 359-6900

It is important to note that processing fees are attached to obtaining the County’s vital records. Birth records cost $9.00, death cost $5.00, marriage cost $5.00, and marriage dissolution costs $5.00. Additional copies of these records requested simultaneously cost $4.00 each. Remittance by check or personal order is made payable to the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Criminal Records in Manatee County

A criminal record will primarily show a person’s convictions, felony and misdemeanor, arrests, warrants, court records, incarceration records, and sex offenses. It may also include certificates, parole information, court case information, and probation information. The criminal history record is also known as the RAP sheet, which stands for Records of Arrests and Prosecutions. The CJIS (Division of Criminal Justice Information Services), controlled by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), provides Manatee County Criminal history or background records. However, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office runs local background checks listing criminal history from local law enforcement agencies. You can run your search for criminal records through the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office website. The Records Department can process in-person requests and accept requests by mail with a $2.00 fee per request. The office is located at:

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office

600 301 Boulevard West, Suite 202

Bradenton, FL 34205.

All mail requests are submitted to the same address as above and must come in a self-addressed stamped envelope. The request information should include the name, date, race, and sex of the person you are requesting records. 

Sex Offenders and Predators Registry in Manatee

In Manatee, an individual who committed a sex-related crime is a sex offender. These sex-related crimes include luring or enticing a child, unlawful sexual activity with minors, sexual battery, selling or buying minors into prostitution, or sex trafficking. Sex Predators are individuals who have been convicted of first-degree felonies and are repeated offenders. The Sex Offender Unit of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office operates an online system that directly searches the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sex Offenders and Predators database. This search tool allows for direct reporting of viewed information viewed to FDLE. Sexual offenders and Predators who relocate to Manatee are to register with the Sex Offender Unit; call the Unit at 747-3011 Ext. 1937. This system of offender registration ensures the database is up to date. 

To find an offender or predator in Manatee County, you can run a search online or visit the Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators Search. The search lists all offenders living within a five-mile radius of the selected address in Manatee County. Individuals with helpful information about sex offenders or issues concerning the database may contact the Sheriff’s office at 941-747-3011 Ext. 1937 or 1938.

Property Records

People living in Manatee County can search for property records generally to obtain information on who owns what properties in the County. Property records in Manatee County are public records and are accessible by anyone. Property documents are commonly crucial to persons in the real estate industry, buyers, and sellers. These records usually include real and personal property transactions. Interested persons may view and obtain copies of Manatee Property Records by submitting a request to the Comptroller, maintaining all property records in the County. 

The Manatee County Property Appraiser’s office maintains an online property search portal for all property dealings in the County. Requesters may search the portal using some measures such as district, sales, value, building, residential, commercial exemptions, and TTP. Any interested person requires some information like the owner’s first name, Parcel ID, Property Type, Name or entity, etc., to perform a successful search on the portal. Alternatively, you can run a search on the Public Records Hub provided by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Manatee County, which includes data on the County’s property records. You can look up Manatee County Property Records from the Manatee County Property Appraiser’s office or place a mail order to:

Manatee Property Assessors

915 4th Avenue West

Bradenton, FL 34205

Phone: (941) 748-8208

Fax: (941) 742-5664

Working Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 1338

Bradenton, FL 34206 

In conclusion, public records in Manatee County are open and accessible to any interested person. The law mandates agencies to respond to requests within the time allowed by law. The online channels are as effective as a walk-in request, with few exceptions. The various agencies maintain all these platforms for the convenience of the community.